I’ve got a domain that is not resolving correctly …


is a problem that can occur for any number of reasons, but the most common one that we find is that someone has just forgotten to renew it.

In most cases, the renewal fee will ensure the resolution, usually within a few hours.

Why does this happen? Usually it is down to one or a combo of the following:

  1. the domain owner forgets/doesn’t check email/is a very busy or important person
  2. the website owner is out of the loop or perhaps doesn’t check or have an independent check that the website is working
  3. the website owner has changed, so doesn’t know or the owner is a group, so no one really knows


  1. Run a whois query from a suitable website, e.g. all uk domains can be queried via nominet
  2. Contact the owner and check they paid the fees
  3. Contact the technical or admin dude, who can make your website available by resetting domain to a holding page
  4. Run an automatic check that your website is up, like Pingdom. You’ll get a string of false positives and annoying emails when the server is under maintenance, but if your livelihood depends on it then you’ll want to know why!