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      Hi Philip

      Creating an event this morning for the Battery, came up against the 250MB limit for uploads.

      Can this be extended, or is it likely to involve deletion of some of the files already uploaded. If so, as the Battery becomes more successful, we could have difficulty keeping a full calendar of events. Thoughts?



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      The free version of OL is space limited.

      We’re thinking about paid plans, so space could be extended. Recurring micro-payments for add ons like extra space, extra websites, quality forum and email support are the main things we’re thinking about.

      The limit is based on what most people have found adequate. To avoid space problems, it may help to do a file spring clean. It is quite possible that you have a few duplicates lurking in the system.

      We sometimes find that users (I include myself in this) upload straight off camera and close to the relatively generous individual file threshold of 6Mb. We set this high to allow upload of larger PDF documents, but in most image use cases, it is not really required.

      An optimised photo will shrink to 1Mb or even less and should be fine, in many or perhaps even most cases. Faster to upload also means to serve to your website visitors. But I guess you know that.

      Also the system then makes thumbnails, medium, large and full size versions – which takes up space. 🙁 As this is not always necessary, there is a trick. In the media settings note an option to custom resize images, set the custom sizes to zero. This is a very well kept secret, so much so that it never occurred to me that you could do this trick.

      There are are other workarounds, e.g. if the photos are published on another platform (e.g. on Flickr, which has generous limits) you can embed them (and even galleries) or just hotlink them.

      The main gotchas with serving images from elsewhere is that our system now expects ‘https’ (if not you’ll see an error and they won’t display); you may need to resize them ‘on the fly’ (edit the html in text mode); your image server might be slower than ours.

      If you review your files for dupes, look out for files that are not attached to any published content. I’ve seen space lost to images that your visitors will never see, so you can consider deleting those. Beware tho’ that the media library may not be aware of images used in special places, backgrounds, headers, sliders and other content types (e.g. projects). The media browser only shows post or page content types. Remember too that when you delete an image it is gone, forever – there is no 30 day grace period as with pages and posts.

      If you should bump into intractable problems or issues, I dare say we can always look into it (e.g. regenerate the thumbnails to zero them, look into downloading your entire media library), before upping your limit.

      Hope that helps

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      Update: Dunbar Battery upgraded to a paid plan!

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