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      North Light Arts

      Hello, I need to install a plugin but the admin area won’t allow this.

      I wish to migrate a newly developed Worpdress site from the dev area (external) to this WordPress hosting

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      Hi North Light Arts

      Site admins are not allowed to install new plugins in a WordPress multisite environment, to keep the environment stable and secure.

      If you provide full details of what exactly you would like to do, we may be able to help out …

      Email here: and you will get personal support, as you are on a paid plan.


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      North Light Arts

      Wew have a new web site which has been developed off line by a couple in France. They are now trying to upload so we can go live.
      Please help with this.

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        How are you?

        Someone, not sure who, has been in touch and I have already replied on the forum. I suggested they contact me by email detailing the requirement/s.

        If what they are asking is too complicated or likely to cause problems, you may need to consider alternative hosting. Hopefully not, but just giving you the heads up.


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        North Light Arts

        Thank you, I hope it works.
        It’s XXX XXX who did our first website.

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        We’ll have to see what they are asking for exactly.

        If it is built with standard tools and a recent WP template, all should be fine.

        If it is a completely new thing, I would recommend this process

        1) export xml from new site (has to be a publicly available development environment, so that the image import works)
        2) set up a fresh site on ourlocality and enable template and configure; (optionally I can enable a customizer options import tool)
        3) use the xml import tool to pull in the content;
        4) test thoroughly until happy
        5) I’ll switch the domain mapping over to the new site.

        Optionally, upgrade your plan and keep the archive of NLA by mapping it a subdomain as we did for some of your earlier projects.

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        North Light Arts

        Unfortunately we have decided to leave ourlocality to use another platform.
        XXX tells me I need a code to transfer our website, would that be possible?
        I could leave my own site on ourlocality if that will work, otherwise I will have to move them all.

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      I foresaw the trajectory on first reading the question …

      Keep the other website “local” for as long as you like, as long as you pay SD the derisory sub.

      If I were you, I would not transfer the domain yet (as this is what I think you are being asked to do, perhaps lost in translation?). There is no code to leave ourlocality.

      You simply re-point the domain to the new IP address of the web server providing the hosting; and cancel the delegations to our hosting. The delegations I have apply only to the DNS, I cannot change the ownership, don’t have any other control over it, cannot transfer it.

      I vaguely remember your domain was registered with 123/GoDaddy.

      So first off, ask for the new web server’s IP address and send it to me, I can update the records at my end. Your new website will go live pretty much instantly.

      Then the old website magically stops working … I’ll archive it once you say go, and eventually delete it, unless you say cancel.

      At this stage I am still in control of the DNS part of the domain, so read on. To regain full domain control reset the Name Servers to the 123 defaults. Before that or immediately after update the records for @ and www with the new IP address

      If they don’t exist create 2 new A records, with @ and www and the ip address XX.XX.XX.XX

      Once you remove the delegations, you are back in control of the DNS.

      If the new folk require full DNS control, delegate the Name Servers to the new setup. This can be useful to add any special records for SPF, DKIM and other arcane records that help secure email delivery.

      If you really want to transfer the domain just follow the instructions at 123 – from recall it is quite clear – but they also have full time paid staff …

      Generally transfers are done to save money, improve performance, get enhanced DNS management tools or the owner doesn’t know better

      Send me the IP and I’ll send NLA on its way.

      Let me know if you need more.


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