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      I received this by email not long ago.

      Can you try adding the API key below, when I do it I get the error message. I’ve never had this problem before and I am hoping you as owner may have workaround? API Hidden

      First up, this is a Mailchimp error, not Ourlocality, as the roles (Owner, Admin, or Manager) are not related to WordPress, but Mailchimp.

      It should not make any difference who owns the website itself, as even the “super admin” got the same error with the same API, which BTW is not something that one should share widely.

      A different API worked fine, so there is something wrong with the Mailchimp API.

      Our Answer

      • Check the API page, which should list all attempts to use it, it may have a more helpful error
      • Make sure API key is being used for for this one application only
      • Test a different API key, by creating a new one

      This is a Mailchimp plugin, so they should be able to provide support to paying users for errors generated at their end.

      Check this post on how to raise a ticket, if you pay for a mailchimp account:

      and the general instructions:

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      By Letter

      Thanks this helps.

      We are going back to using snail mail as we know that will always be delivered (Ed. Really, how do you know?), never sent to spam (Ed. Have you heard of the recycling box?) and if read will be acted upon (Ed. Really, we know you are being facetious).

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