What files can I upload?

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      What you can add

      You can add media to your wordpress library and display it in pages and posts.

      Acceptable formats include jpg and png and for documents pdf is generally regarded as a standard, but remember the upload limit is 6Mb per file.

      Most files don’t even need to be that big, even a good quality jpeg. If you have signficant storage requirements then consider that there are a large number of free file storage services that are geared towards file storage, some with very generous limits, but importantly lots of bandwidth, e.g. for streaming video or sound.

      CSS styles can be added via the customizer.

      What you cannot add

      xls, doc as they’re are regarded as a security risk.

      video or sound, you’re better off using vimeo and youtube or soundcloud. You can embed from these services (they have multibillion dollar operations – we have £0)

      js, php or other code, though you can use the customiser to re-style your template via css

      iframes, without our permission

      And themes / templates?

      Sometimes. We’ve been approached in the past about this and invariably this turns out to be a problem.


      • the template is more complicated to setup than at first appears (and requires support or has dependencies that we cannot guarantee)
      • there is no simple way to keep the template up to date (we don’t ftp things by hand if we can)
      • the template is already out of date and uses deprecated functions
      • the template has been downloaded from an unauthorised site
      • The template has hidden links to some spam site (often if downloaded illegally)
      • the ‘designer’ wants to cowboy code and use our site to practice

      Having said all this we’re more than happy to consider recruiting co-maintainers to help develop things for the community as a whole.

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