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      As people are shifting to paid plans, the questions on this forum have fizzled out of late.

      We plan to keep the free tier going, but you won’t get domain mapping for free no more and you will need to pop your questions here.

      So there it is.

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      Hi Philip,
      Hope this finds you well.
      Wondering if you can help me. The contact form on the East Lammermuir CC website is no longer working. Not sure how long this has been, but I only know because someone emailed me on my personal bt email account this morning to say that they had not had a reply from the website after using the contact form. It may have been for some time – the last contact I had via the website that I still have in the ELCC.Comms@gmail.com account is from May last year. There was me thinking no-one was interested in contacting us – OOPS!!
      Many thanks
      kind regards
      Janette (email janmac0@btinternet.com)
      p.s. happy to pay for this if required

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      Your messages are probably in SPAM, probably due to a spate of messages being labelled as SPAM, so all new messages get labelled as SPAM.

      All your messages are saved in the Feedback section.

      You can label also them as SPAM in there, don’t just delete.

      In time the spate will subside.

      Unfortunately there are few things that you can do without a captcha quiz, which itself can cause messages to get rejected – if you are not good at quizzes.

      One solution is to remove the form altogether and advertise a suitably masked email address, perhaps omitting the obvious @ symbol.

      e.g. something at something dot com

      is human readable and may be sufficient in most cases to put off spam bots

      But if your address has been stolen from a hijacked email account or A Another Co. that you are signed up with or have done business with that won’t help much.

      Professional email services are better than standard consumer gmail accounts, but yahoo and bt addresses are bottom of the pile. Avoid the latter.

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