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    Guy McLean

    Hi there,

    I’ve activated Jetpack and turned on ‘custom CSS’ under jetpack > settings > appearance, however when I click on ‘configure your custom CSS settings’ I get an access forbidden page.

    Similarly, when I go to dashboard > appearance > edit CSS I also get access forbidden. When I click on the appearance link on dashboard, on the next page I have the option for ‘additional CSS’ which I have access to and is functioning, however I am looking to inspect and modify the CSS files, not just add a couple of additional CSS rules – any ideas why I’m getting access forbidden?


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    Just go straight to the customiser and use the native css editor, and disable the jetpack css editor. I am not sure why the Jetpack tool doesn’t re-route directly there, I guess not everyone is bang up to date, but it is now built in.

    To look at the full css of a particular template, you’ll have to view the source and find the reference to style.css.

    Hope that helps

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    Guy McLean

    I’ve been scouring every part of every menu in the dashboard and I cannot find anyway to view a templates source – I’ve tried with and without jetpack, on a number of themes and can’t see anything.

    I think the problem is that the native editor is not available/visible on my account – the ‘editor’ link within the appearance menu is missing. Could this be something to do with administrative permissions or how I first set up my account? Any help or advice would be much appreciated as I’m not getting anywhere.


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    The fact you can activate Jetpack suggests you have full admin rights and all the permissions you need in a multisite environment.

    I think that perhaps you’re misunderstanding how the css editor is intended to work. It merely overrides the styles.css or lets you start from scratch. You cannot alter the underlying files in our current setup, nor does it create a copy for you to modify.

    You will have to use the browser inspector or just view source to work out what is what. In your case https://ourlocality.org/guymclean/wp-content/themes/duster/style.css?ver=381d722102e267e301c8f454783e2548 will get you straight to the css source.

    If starting from scratch, you just copy and paste the source into the css editor, but frankly that would be a little unmanageable, as it is really designed for smaller edits.

    If you’re wanting to develop something significantly different bear in mind that templates do get updated at regular intervals. Major changes to a template may be a pain to manage.

    You might be better off downloading the wordpress source and firing up a local instance. In single site mode (and the right server permissions) you can edit all the underlying files.

    When retemplating WordPress approach encourages you to use something called a child theme which permits you to override only the functions that you need to, say a footer or sidebar element.

    If you wanted to go down that route, we’d consider uploading your well tested and final child theme, and provided you didn’t then require regular changes.

    Hope that helps

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