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    Pesky widgets! Trying to add an events calendar to a specific page that will show users and committee when the hall will be in use. However, so far (1 hour) I have managed to add a calendar to every page which cannot be edited and cannot be removed. Any advice appreciated! Yours, Floundering!

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    Hello Lew

    Let me take a look at your website and I will try and see what you’re trying to do and why it might not be working for you.

    Right now we’re looking at making local news work even better, so it is good to have your attention once we’ve addressed your calendar problem.


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    OK I think I understand what you’re trying to do.

    If you’re wanting to use the native WordPress calendar widget, this tool only works if you created a post in the first place for each event. The native post tool is great for blogging and general news, for you can categorise your stories (e.g. by type of event or a general topic) and then add so-called tags / keywords to help localise the stories, news, events. You can then use categories and tags to leverage WortdPress automation tools, news syndication and help people find stuff.

    But it only works partially as the calendar by design highlights an item on the date of publishing, which you can fake of course, except that future events are scheduled for publication and therefore will not show. So I don’t see that working for you.

    However, we also have a little Events tool, which I have used to illustrate how one might address your question.

    From the top menu create a new Post. There’s additional options below the content box to add a date and start and end time.

    I’ve created an example

    The Events Tool is basic but might well do the trick for you.

    Single event looks like this


    In a list:


    I see you are using a template that we worked on in … well erhm the stone age. While this template does create a handy menu item for all your events, which is automatically populated, it will not work that great on smart phones, so might be a good time to consider a new responsive template – that adapts well to all devices.

    If we can be of any further help, shout. Or book a session to find out how to make your site work even better.



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    I didn’t answer the question about removing a module from a widget …

    Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

    The offending widget is in the footer – expand it and hit remove. It will be gone.

    There’s also ways and means to get widgets to appear only on specific pages.

    As for menus, you can also hand craft menus.

    Your current menu is automagically generated by the creation of a new page. Delete a page, or make it private and it will disappear from the menu. However the handcrafted menu allows you to re-order items, or show a restricted view. I’ve created the menu for you, and to enable it you need to make it Primary in Dashboard > Appearance > Menu

    Good luck

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