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    Guy McLean

    Hi there, I’m new to Our Locality and will be overhauling the Dunbar woods website. I’m still getting used to the interface of ourlocality and I’ve no experience with WordPress.

    Would it be possible for me to upload a bunch of files, and have them hosted on ourlocality without using any of the tools? If this is not possible, is there any workaround to a similar effect?

    Many thanks,

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    The short answer is no, as the free service we offer is based on WordPress Multisite.

    If you’re up for giving our flavour of WordPress a go, pick a suitable template and in the customiser you’ll find that you can override css – or even start from scratch.

    We will entertain ideas and collaborations that help us leverage WordPress better for the widest community benefit, make it as easy as possible for folk to publish and network, promote their project, initiative or cause.

    We do not provide free space for standalone sites, as this produces no wider network benefits, would dilute our efforts and fragment our community.

    Hope that helps

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    Guy McLean

    Thanks for your speedy reply Philip – that all makes sense. Looks like I’ll be learning to use WordPress then!

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    No problem, I think you’ll find it is a breeze to use and you should be able to get from 0 to 60 in little or no time and start publishing.

    If you’re looking to do a site refresh and retain the existing content, setup a new site, export the content via xml and then import it into the new.

    If you pick a new template (that does most of the heavy lifting for you), make sure you import into that, especially if it uses a custom post type.

    When you’re done restyling and creating the fresh offering unmap the domain to the old and remap it to the new at which point you can make the site live.

    It is possible to archive the old one in a variety of ways, and the news archive should generally not be deleted. Unnecessary though if the content is the exactly the same.

    You can work locally, using MAMP/XAMP/LAMP. That would give you greater insight into the working of WordPress behind the scenes.

    Good luck and do not hesitate to pop questions on the forum (or provide answers if you find something interesting for that matter!)

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    Guy McLean

    These were questions I was likely going to have to ask – thanks for explaining it so clearly

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