In WordPress, that’s the software that we use to drive OurLocality, the excerpt is a short version of a post (news or blog) that is displayed in e.g.:

  • search results,
  • news feeds,
  • archives.
  • categories.

Not many people know, but you can write them yourself for greater control over the summary that users will see.

But don’t worry too much because WordPress will make a very basic one automatically based on the first sentence, which as you’ll know from your media training is the most important to get your message across.

But the excerpt doesn’t show me the images, I hear you protest. The default excerpt created by WordPress removes all HTML. Most themes remove smilies and flatten lists as well as images from the the excerpt.

To give users greater flexibility, we’re testing a plugin that gives you a bit more control over excerpts, including the “read more” link. If you’re interested to give it a go, drop us a line and we’ll enable it on a trial basis.